Tokyo Infrastructure 081 Rainbow Bridge

A bridge that watches the birth of the most lovers in Japan?

“Rainbow Bridge, can not be sealed!”, Including the “Odoru Daisousasen” where the Qingdao criminal screams, appearing frequently in movies, dramas, animation, and so on, completed in less than twenty years, totally became a landmark in Tokyo I did Rainbow Bridge.
While checking the beauty of the bridge itself, an excellent location and an approach section making use of it are effective. If you step on the accelerator from the direction of Shibaura in the capital high-daiba line, the rainbow bridge gradually changes its direction and rises three-dimensionally, and a large panorama of Tokyo Bay expands under you. Feeling is exactly the main character of the movie. While feeling a comfortable centrifugal force on the steering wheel, the loop section of the general road where you can watch all around Tokyo is also interesting. Besides the roads are not defeated. A figure that looks strangely like a pine tree seen from Odaiba. A figure that shines in the summer evening sky that I look up from a houseboat. Anyway, it is a bridge with three beats that makes me heart heart down whether you cross, view, or go through. Perhaps, it is probably the most bridge in Japan, watching the birth of lovers.
Originally, it was built as a that bundles three , highway, general road, Yurikamome, which connects the coastal subcenter of Odaiba with the city center. But in addition to that, I also feel that it plays a role of a mind to nurture love. (Nii)



Type road bridge
Location Minato-ku Tokyo
Structural type steel suspension bridge
Scale bridge length 798 m Center span 570 m Main tower height 126 m
Construction year 1993
Administrator Metropolitan Expressway Co. Ltd.
Remarks Civil Engineering Association Tanaka Prize
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