Tokyo Infrastructure 003 Marunouchi Nakadori

Wrapping culture and bustle, Japan's leading business district

Around the area, the wild plant’s wilderness. I can not imagine it at the moment, but it is the figure of Marunouchi when I was once called Mitsubishigahara.
Marunouchi is the city’s first revision plan for Japan, the first modern urban plan in Japan, after the discussion of whether to make it a government office or a commercial area, according to the strong opinion of Shibusawa Eiichi, the second economic zone for Kabuto cho It was decided to do. And in 1890, Mitsubishi led by Iwasaki Yayonosuke alone received payout of over 100,000 tsubo land. The land price is the time of 1.28 million yen at that time and the state budget is only 85 million yen. It was a decision that betted our company. Mitsubishi’s big number head, Shigeta Pingaro was appointed to lead the development. Architectural design was responsible for British architect Condor and disciple Toshizo Soga. Starting with the Mitsubishi Ichigokan in 1894, 13 buildings were lined up by 1910, and Japan’s first office town called Ritsunitsu was born near Baba street.
Nakagori who played a part of it was still a road width of about half of the current width and was a road where brick building offices were symmetrical across the road. After that, along with rebuilding, the road width becomes wide, and grows as a pure business district also called Mitsubishi village. But since 1996 the situation has begun to change. “Town development guidelines” by the community development councils by Chiyoda Ward and local landowners were enacted and by making pedestrian-centric towns with commerce in the low-rise area, it was transformed into a business town with culture and crowds I accomplished.
This maintenance has been awarded the civil engineering design awards best prize in 2013. (Nii)


Type street
Location Chiyoda-ku Tokyo




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