Tokyo Infrastructure 009 Shintoyohashi Bridge

Beautiful arch bridge created by hand-drawn lines

Sumidagawa where numerous bridges were built in the Imperial reconstruction plan of the Kanto Great Earthquake such as Nagaiyo Bridge and Kiyosu Bridge. The new Toyohashi bridge is located on the upstream side, 2 km from the Iwafukimizu gateway partitioning the Sumida River and the Arakawa River. Designer was assigned to Dainippon Consultant Co., Ltd. who is handling many bridges of excellent design. In designing, he inherited the spirit of the Sumidagawa reconstruction bridge group, harmonized with the modern urban landscape, adopting advanced technology and new ideas.
Of particular interest is the beautiful side silhouette. Curve with neatness but taste is based on hand-drawn lines of bridge engineer representing Tamura Yukihisa representing Japan after the war. Even in the civil engineering scale, skilled engineer’s work teaches us to surpass computers. Besides this, it is also characterized by being carefully designed, such as a beautiful payment on the back side of the bridge girder, a clean space around the abutment using the pincolo stone, a contrivance not to show the drain pipe, and so on.
This bridge is a bridge manager of the reconstruction bureau, who worked as a manager of many Teito reconstruction bridges, then served as a professor at the University of Tokyo and commemorated Yutaka Tanaka who had a great deal of achievement in the Japanese bridge world, and is awarded to an excellent bridge society In fiscal year 2007, Tanaka Prize was awarded the Best Prize for Civil Engineering Society Design Award in 2009. (Nii)

Type road bridge
Location Adachi-ku Kita-ku Tokyo (Sumidagawa)
Structural form steel simple box girder + arch composite bridge
Scale bridge length 105 m
Completion year 2007
Designer Dainippon Consultant Co. Ltd.
Constructor Kawada Industries · IHI · JFE Engineering JV Shimamura Industry Co. Ltd. Nikka Corporation
Remarks 2007 JSCE Tanaka Prize Award 2009 Society of Civil Engineers Design Award Best Award

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