Tokyo Infrastructure 059 Nogawa River Nature Restoration Project

Modern entry point (commons), 21st century type civil engineering business!

Some people doubt whether dongo pond and wet Yoshihara in the dandelion, this is really a civil engineering project. However, this is the “civil engineering work of the 21st century”. If the 20th century was the era of development, the 21st century is the era of environmental restoration. Civil engineering can often contribute to regain lost nature.
In the development, the only natural materials such as earth, wood, stone and materials, artifacts artificial energy in principle non-use, prohibition of artificial transplant-populated, the water source of the basic principle that only water intake and rainwater from Nogawa original , A nostalgic landscape that should also be called the original landscape has been created. However, this approach is not merely a nostalgic idea.
For example, rice fields, is a place of community development that made friends with strangers until yesterday through the mud, the children is also a learning place to learn the depth of the wisdom of firsthand old. For natural recovery, even dare that it reduces the number of mowing, but it was difficult with conventional public space that is always the management is required. Above all, it is wonderful that the local citizen group “Nogawa Nature Association” is responsible for environmental learning activities, monitoring and maintenance.
Yes, this is exactly the modern version of the commons place. People in the area are responsible for the local area. The small green born in Tokyo & lt; lung & gt; presents us the future directions for the region.
This maintenance is awarded the Civil Engineering Society Design Award Excellence Award in 2015. (Nii)

Type river
Location Koganei-shi Tokyo
Scale: Approximately 0.5 km (Bipo Bridge – Koganei Shimbashi) Nogawa Daiichi Adjustment Pond
Remarks 2014 Society of Civil Engineers Design Award Excellence Award

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