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eep expanding Tokyo's sky

Approximately 75.3 million passengers in 2015, fifth in the world. The number of arrivals / departures annually, about 440 thousand times which is calculated once, which is calculated once every 75 seconds. It is exactly the mouth of the sky of Tokyo that keeps incorporating people and things.
The history of Haneda Airport is also the history of expansion work to identify the increasing number of departure and arrival times. It opened in 1931 as Japan ‘s first state – owned civil aviation airport “Tokyo airfield”. After the war, it was taken over by the US military, but it was reopened as “Tokyo International Airport” in 1952. Later, for the Tokyo Olympics in 1964, the extension and extension of the runway, international terminal buildings and monorail were built, and access from downtown was also improved.
However, it became difficult to judge the increasing number of departures and arrivals, and in 1978, Narita Airport opened as a dedicated international airport. Still, the number of times of departure and arrival at Haneda Airport increased further, and in 1983 the offshore deployment plan was officially considered. In the 1988 completion of the first phase plan, we added one runway, and in 1993 we completed the second phase plan, a new passenger terminal building was constructed in the west. At this time, the Haneda Sky Arch which was awarded the Tanaka Prize of the Japan Society of Civil Engineers was created to prevent the division of east and west. Further expansion of the existing runway and terminal building will be carried out by 2013 which is the completion of the third phase plan, and in 2015 the world ‘s first artificial island and the D runway which is a hybrid runway of the jetty was completed.
Haneda Airport is also the site of state-of-the-art civil engineering, which is expanded with the following technologies. (Nii)


種別 空港
Type Airport
Location Ota Ward Tokyo
Scale area 1522 ha runway A 3000 m × 60 m B 2500 m × 60 m C 3360 m × 60 m D 2500 m × 60 m for apron large jet 174 for medium jet 20 small jet
Installation manager Minister of Land Infrastructure Transport and Tourism


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