TOKYO INFRASTRUCTURE 008 Tsukiji-Ohashi Bridge


This new bridge in the city center is built on the most downstream of the Sumida River. It connects Tsukiji and Toyosu, the old and new “stomach” in Tokyo.

As this bridge spans the mouth of the Sumida River, it has an arch span of 145 m: it far exceeds the Okutama Bridge. As for design, the two arches are not connected at the top and are opened up slightly to the outside rather than standing upright perpendicular to the ground, creating a feeling of openness to the walking people. We will clearly understand it by comparison with Kachidoki Bridge nearby. (D.Kitagawa)


Type Road bridge
Location Chuo-ku/Tokyo
Structure Steel arch bridge
Scale Bridge length 245 m
Completion year opening year undecided (as of 2018.02.08)
Designer Tokyo
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